Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hair Cut!!!

I had to put this picture on, I cut my hair nothing big but now I have bangs...Girls you know what I mean about a new hair cut...you've got to show it off!!!!! The girl on the far right is one of my best friends!! She's always there for me if I need her!!!

Winding Down

So now that the holidays are behind us I have a little bit of time to update my blog

We had a wonderful Christmas, we split Christmas day with my family in the morning and Bryans family in the afternoon. He left to visit some family friends at about 3 and Iheaded back to my fam for the evening. It was a nice break.....New Years we spent the evening in Chico, to those who don't know Chico can be a wild and crazy party town, most thought that we would be up all night but no we went to bed by 1am!! Guess i'm getting old!!! HAHA.... It was a lot of fun we also had masks to wear which made it even more fun!!!
I got some good news at work, If you don't know back in September I got my Fire & Casualty Insurance license.. it took my about a month of studying to get it but got it done.. Now i'm going back and getting my Accident and Health License. My work is working on a partnership / referral agreement with a health and accident company, with this license i'll be able to participate in this agreement and hopefully bring in some commission from this merger...Regardless of the money it's going to be a great learning experience and add to my resume!! Who would have thought that I would love insurance...but hey if you need help with your insurance...I'm here!!!!


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