Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Life

Oh gosh I am obviously horrible with keeping this blog up to date. Since so much time has passed i'm just going to start with now!

It's about three weeks until my 26 birthday; feels fairly normal. Those of you who don't know I have a history of getting a little freaked out about my birthdays since I was 22. After trying to figure out why I've realized its because once my birthday comes around I start thinking about my life, career, and friends and decide if i'm happy with where my life is, could I have done more? Now prior years i've gotten a little upset because I've felt as though I haven't accomplished as much as I could have however, i'm happy so say that this year I think will be a smooth transition to turning 26.

So this year:

I'd have to say the biggest change in my life would be my career. This has typically been the trigger for anxiety around my birthday. This year i'm very proud of where my career is so no anxiety about not doing much on the career front! I branched out to producer this last December and so far so good. Being a producer means that i'm only doing insurance sales and paid only on comission. Scary.....but it's been very profitable in some months then others it's been enough which is really all I can ask for at this point. Each year i'll be given comission on my renewals so in theory each year will be easier and easier. One of the hard things about being a producer is that i'm self employed now and can really just do what I want..which is going to be very hard this coming summer when all I really will want to do is be out in the sun not working at a desk. I assume i'll just keep pushing along through the summer and hope that my sales will not suffer due to the amazing weather!!

Hope everyone is doing well. I love looking at all the blogs and seeing updates on everyones life! I'll try to be better about posting my updates on here as well along with some pictures!

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