Sunday, March 8, 2009

Our House

So, since October when Bryan and I moved into our place my parents have been begging me to post pictures on here. With a few new decorative pillows and some candles i've decided that i'll finally post some here. A few details first - we live down a long gravel road, once you get down the road you see our house on the left then the driveway of another house. Our house is on a quarter acre that is fenced in and surrounded by trees and shrubbery, it's nice and sucluded. It's a two bedroom, one and half bath. We are about 10 minutes from downtown Sacramento and 30 - 45 minutes from Folsom where my mother lives.

Pics Below:

This is our house - the front of it, cute kind of country-ish, Byran hates the color - it's a peachish color that I think is cute!!

Our living room - we have these two huge windows one you saw in the picture of the outside of the house the futon looks right at that window.

Our dining room, Bryan is going to sand down and restain the chairs and table since the wood is looking pretty worn out.

Last but not least our kitchen, it's actually pretty big for being a small place - we have a cute little breadfast nook also!!

So there it is our place, it's perfect for us for now someday i'll have a house as fabulous as my parents new house!!!!!!!!

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  1. Nice house Amora..... we need to talk really! You should update this thing more often. Miss you sis



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