Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seven Things

Seven Things I can do:

~Try new things – I love going to new restaurants, places, etc.

~Watch Movies – On a rainy day I can’t think of anything better to do than veg out on the coach.

~Pick out a great bottle of wine- I love wine and understanding the difference between good and really bad – sorry dad!!

~Travel - I love to travel, I want to go everywhere!!!!

~Spend all my money on clothes – it’s horrible and I’m trying to calm down.~Learn – I’m constantly trying to learn new things, I get bored easily and always trying to jog my mind.

~Cook – I’m practicing cooking and loving having my house full of friends and family with a nice meal.

Seven things I can not do:

~Write in my journal – I used to be very good about this but the past few years I’ve slacked.

~Drive in the Rain – Seriously I get white knuckles!!!!

~Do Nothing - the older I get the more I get stir crazy, I have to be doing something constantly.

~Hang Up my clothes – I can’t seem to get in the habit up immediately hanging up my clothes.

~Stay Up Late – Bryan is an early bird so now low and behold I wake up at 5:30 every morning, 7:00 on the weekends…nights are interesting when we go out.

~Be around people all the time – I need my alone time, Bryan and my family will agree with this…don’t ask I just go a bit crazy, doesn’t mean I don’t love you though!!

~ Work Out – I’m horrible with this, I used to go to the gym and hour everyday, I’m working on it.

Seven things I say the most:

~Be Safe, Call me – Bryan has a motorcycle he commutes in when the weather permits….i’m a worry wort!

~That’s ridiculous – Sad I say this so much but I deal with the general public daily, we can be dumb!!

~I love you, promise, cross your heart, swear – it’s silly but I ask Bryan that all the time just for kicks.

~Frivolous – LOL this was my word of choice for a long time, hey I handle the claims at my job.

~What’s the Plans – I’m turning into a huge planner, I need to know every detail of everything.

~Miss you – I only live by my mom and family most of my family is in Utah and Idaho.

~No I’m studying – For the last two weeks and next to, my life!!

Seven goals for the New Year:

~Visit Natalie – Huge for me, I’ve always wanted to leave the country.

~Visit the new house – I can’t wait to see the new house!!!!

~See my Mom more – It’s horrible we live ½ hour away and we hardly see each other.

~Save Money – Self Explanatory

~Become self employed – I’m looking to be a producer this year, meaning commission only!!!

~Loose weight – Swim season is coming and we got people with boats.~Spend time in the mountains – camping, hiking, fire pits!!!!

Seven reasons I am falling in love with Bryan:

~He is so supportive –He has cooked dinner for two weeks to give me more time to study and cleaned!!!

~His friendships – he is a very good and supportive friend always there to lend a hand for his and my friends!!

~We are each other best friends – We love being around each other, he says to foundation of our relationship is making fun of each other…haha.

~He listens to me – Every day he asks how my day was, listens to the drama that might come up in my life as though it is truly interesting to him.~He loves me so much – We have been through a lot together but we know that we can work through it all.

~He loves his family – He will dr0p anything to help his family if they ask. I admire that and have wanted that in a man.

~He loves to travel – He gets stir crazy just like me!!!

~Seven really isn’t enough to explain it so I am leaving this the eighth open for all the other reasons – I agree with Natalie!!!

Seven things I love to eat:

~Chocolate – Has to be DARK chocolate, I don’t like milk.

~ Sushi – I love it

~ Moroccan food – My favorite restaurant is Casablance, you sit on the floor and eat with your hands.

~ Mexican food – Seriously I have a problem with tapatio!!

~Thai Food – chicken with rice and red curry – the spicier the better!!!

~Potatoes - what can I say I am an Idaho girl. – right there with you Natalie!!

~Oohhh chocolate covered strawberries!!!

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