Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So most of you know that I am working for an insurance brokerage. The company I work for focuses on E&O for Real Estate, Mortgage Broker and Property Management Professionals. Last September I went and got my Insurance license for Property and Casualty, this license is very broad and will allow me to do many common lines of insurance - auto, homeowners, E&O, Workers Comp, etc. Considering the state of the economy and the special emphasis on the real estate market it's needless to say that the company is not bringing in the same amount of money it has in the past.Though things are starting to look up a bit, more real estate offices are opening - I have my own theory about this though...I think more real estate offices are opening because people have been laid off and the job market is so tuff right now that some people are just trying to do something on their own.

So a little over two weeks ago I talked with my boss about expanding the lines that we are able to offer, it's never been done but it's something that we think will be very good for the longevity and strength of the company. We have been aproached by a company that offers life and health coverage, only problem was no one has their health, accident or life license. So I started studying for it immediately...my goal was to complete the license within two weeks. When I got my last license it took me about a year to complete it, I wouldn't say it was hard (well it was hard but nor impossible) its just that I have a habit of fighting to get something then when I have it or the opportunity thats when i quit. I must just get bored or don't want to fight through it - classic starter but hard finisher!!!! So I wanted to get this license within two weeks to prove to my family, friends, boss and most importantly myself that I can say I want to do something and I will actually see it through and quickly. I've been studying like crazy these past two weeks set my exam date and just hoped for the best. Yesturday morning at 8:30 I drove down to the Department of Insurance in Sacramento and sat for my Accident and Health license...Roughly at 9:30 I submitted my exam, the proctor called me to the front of the room to give me my pass or fail results. The exam had 75 questions and i had to get 70% to pass. The proctor called me to the front of the room while about 20 more people were sill taking the exam, very very nervously I walked up to the proctor and she showed me = Congratulations you have passed your state exam of Accident and Health!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a huge smile across my face I walked out of the building, started towards my car, pulled out my phone and put the battery back in (if your phone goes off during the exam you automatically fail, afraid that just turning the phone off wouldnt work i went the extra step) I called Bryan and told him the good news, then called everyone who knew to tell them.

I think the point of this story is to just show everyone that you can complete things, you do have a lot of potential and all you have to do is put your mind to it and see it through. The passing meant more to me than now I can start working on other lines, it's more a sign to me that even though I might have a certain track history there is much more that I can do........

Next for me - I'm giving myself one week off from studying and Monday I start the prelicensing for my Life license.. my goal - two weeks.

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